NOTE TO USERS: This game takes about 1 hour to complete. Please use the 'chapter select' button  if you are returning to the game. This way you can pick up where you left off and play through the story at your own pace. 

This game is best played on your mobile or tablet!

Get ready for a Halloween adventure!  When a curious child gets lost playing trick or treat in Slime House the hunt for candy really begins. Take on the puzzles and see if you can get to the candy... or will the slime get you first?

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I really love the style of the game!! I'm playing on a laptop and I'm still feeling like it's fun to keep playing.

I rage quit game because of a nearly game breaking bug at the levers for the arcade lmao. I succeeded twice, just to be thrown back to the beginning of the puzzle on the way out, too impatient without music to keep playing.

Where's the music?? Beside the painful bug, Otherwise it's very charming!

I will investigate that bug. Thank you for playing. How far did u get into the game as it gets better as the story continues. Didn't have time for music but I think the game would benefit from it. Might revisit 👍 thanks 

i got that far!! :) I really appreciate! There’s probably a way through it, but I’d beaten the puzzle too many times to try again right now! Maybe later. It really was a unique design that I enjoyed playing in any case!

Fun adventure!