Travel back in time to London in 1600s and see if you can escape The Great Plague and The Great Fire of London. Can you spot all the facts in his quick paced platformer with elements of a top-down mover? Can you avoid infection of the plague? Can you out run the flames? Find out now by playing on laptop, desktop mobile and tablet.

Key board controls

< >Arrow keys to move.

SPACE to jump.

Game features:

  • 2 games in one with complimenting art styles
  • Over 15 levels
  • Fast paced action
  • Cool soundtrack to help give the game pace
  • Real world locations brought to life in a quirky art style 
  • interesting facts from both events to be found as you progress
  • Easy to pick up, but harder to master

This game was made for The Historically Accurate Game Jam  5.

Music created on BeepBox.

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Great game, but is there a button to restart or something? I fall to a hole and it is not resetting, it keeps falling to infinity.

that my friend is a bug :( if u explain where roughly it will help me fix it. Thanks so much for playing. Sorry for the frustration 👍

It is on the fire level, maybe the forth or fifth level. At the end of the level there is a hole, I thought I was supposed to go enter but I guess I was wrong hahaha.

thank you. I will fox after the jam. Check my out other games if u have time. All broswer based and free. (Hopefully less buggy) 🐞

really cool game! the graphics are beautiful and its really nice that there are in between saves, so you don't have to start anew every time you die 
that being said, it is pretty damn hard to finish, i didn't manage to reach the end, if there is one
great game tho!

Thank you for the feedback. I almost didn't add in-between saves but thought people would find it more annoying and 'rage quit' lol

Try the other games on my page if you get time. Lots 2 see :)