This game is best played on your mobile or tablet!

Can you help InkyBoy escape his paper world? Watch out for bombs and be careful not to fall off edges when trying to complete this easy to pick up, but hard to master 'retro-style' platformer

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Much better than NOS. got a bug on the purple green level that when I died I couldn't drag purple blocks anymore. Great concepts tho. I strongly suggest landing/jumping animation particles, to increase the tactfulness of the gameplay, and add a walking animation. Using purple tiles to propel me upwards and break the game was fun, reminded me of botw/totk

huge thanks for the feedback. I am glad u enjoyed the game.  I will think about including those particle effects.  When u say it was better than NOS. Are u regering to Nos4speed. I take it you did not enjoy it . Were u able to complete the game? Did u play on desktop or mobile? U might enjoy neon city rush or the Owl Witch on my page. 👍👌